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1. a creative collective
2. an interdisciplinary ecosystem
3. an art tech movement

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Musical Chairsawarded ArtsFirst grant
a participatory audiovisual installation using augmented furniture to increase intra- and interpersonal awareness of expression and uptake during the performance of discourse

Wormholes in collaboration with hAR/VRd, awarded OFA Solomon grant
a collection of audio-visual installations across campus through which people in different places can see and interact with each other, examining the nature of transience, connection, and serendipity
Gestural Generations
awarded OFA Solomon grant
an interactive generative art installation projection mapped onto large spaces that reflects on themes of order, randomness, and scale, where participants can control the algorithmic parameters using hand gestures
Nervous Networks
in collaboration with hAR/VRd
a series of social experiences using wearable technology, biosensing, and virtual reality to illuminate collective experiences of fear, excitement, calm, etc.
AI Mag
in collaboration with The Harvard Advocate, awarded OFA Solomon grant
the first fully AI-generated literary magazine allowing students across campus to create work using generative methods

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Liminal Interfaces

January 27, 2023

SEC Undergraduate Lounge

Liminal Interfaces, a public, student-directed exhibition hosted at the Paulson School Of Engineering and Applied Sciences, explored the ways in which art tech can transform liminal spaces—the transitory, ambiguous, and often painful spaces between locations or states of being—into personal and meaningful places. Featuring custom exhibition art tech pieces and six student art tech installations experimenting with various liminal spaces, this highly interactive exhibition guided the public through a series of immersive experiences encouraging visitors to generate, reflect on, and transform the liminal spaces in their own lives.


2023 Conflux Winter Residency Fellows (in alphabetical order): Kidist Alemu ‘23, Aida Baradari ‘25, Alice Cai ‘25, Priscilla Cheav ‘25, Ibta Chowdhury ‘25, Holden Edmonds ‘23, Adrian Hackney ‘23, Liya Jin ‘23, Julian Li ‘25, Karen Li ‘24, Sera McDonald ‘23, AnhPhu Nguyen ‘25, Kassandra Rodriguez-Acosta ‘26, Izumi Vazquez ‘25, Ricky Williams ‘23, Peggy Yin ‘25, Alina Yu ‘25, and Kaitlyn Zhou ‘25.

Mentors (in alphabetical order): Kim Albrecht, Minne Atairu, Devon Bryant, Halsey Burgund, Rus Gant, Erin Jackson, Austin Ledzian, and Sonia Sobrino Ralston

Additional exhibition support generously provided by Mila Barry ‘25, Aryan Naveen ‘25, Taylor Fang ‘25, Melinda Modisette ‘25, and Chris Barber ‘24.


Support provided by: metaLAB (at) Harvard, the SEAS Teaching and Learning Group, the Harvard Library Creative Technologies group based at Cabot Science Library, the Visualization Research and Teaching Laboratory (Harvard Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences), the Harvard Radcliffe Institute and the Radcliffe Public Art Competition, the REEF makerspace at SEAS, the Music Lab (Harvard Department of Music), the Computing in Engineering Education (CEE) group, and the Office for the Arts at Harvard.
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