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1. a creative collective
2. an interdisciplinary ecosystem
3. an art tech movement


1. a creative collective
2. an interdisciplinary ecosystem
3. an art tech movement

By joining Conflux, you’ll be part of a cross-disciplinary, highly collaborative team passionate about expanding the art tech scene at Harvard and beyond. You’ll have an exciting opportunity to learn about and investigate how the latest technology can be used meaningfully and artistically. You’ll work on imagining and developing methods and mediums specifically for art tech practice. You’ll help pave the way for how media and technology can help artists bring their visions into the world.

Board Applications

Apply here before 1/24/2024.

We are taking applications for the January 2024-December 2024 board term. The Conflux board is dedicated to addressing the following questions:

  • How can we innovate at the intersection of art and technology?
  • How can we create hands-on programs and opportunities for students of all backgrounds to explore art tech?
  • How can we build a highly collaborative art tech community and ecosystem at Harvard?
  • How do we support students in envisioning and building the future of art tech?

Please reflect on these questions in your application to our 2024 board. Think big! Think across disciplines! And think collaboratively—just like we aim to do on the Conflux board.

Role Descriptions

No art, tech, or art tech experience is expected or required for board positions. See application for full role descriptions.

Executive Directors (2): Create and carry out the vision of the club. Work closely with other members of the executive board to ensure that all aspects of the club's operations run smoothly, including overseeing event planning, partnerships, communications, and other administrative tasks as required. Maintains club presence on the Hub. Regularly check club email and act as a liaison between the club and external related departments and organizations. Identify new opportunities for the club to grow and thrive.

Events Director: Plans creative and hands-on public events that introduce campus and community members to art tech. This includes coordinating guest lectures and workshops to provide educational and engaging opportunities for members and the community to learn about the latest developments and techniques at the intersection of art and technology. They also ensure that all events are inclusive, safe and aligned with the club's mission and goals.

Community Director: Assists the Community director in planning and coordinating social events for members of the club. Acts as a liaison between different groups, members and the leadership to promote inclusivity and a sense of community within the organization and integration into campus culture. Develops and implement strategies to engage and retain members, as well as help members to connect and network with each other.

Finance Director: Maintains the annual budget and oversees expenses including those for projects, social events, and other performance engagements; manages and organizes sponsorships; applies for grants for clubs and projects. Oversees equipment purchases and inventory. Manages the club’s bank account. Networks with companies and organizations for sponsorship. Familiarity with Harvard College organizational funding and grant-writing recommended. Strong networking skills recommended.

Publicity Director: Leads and manages the creation and distribution of all publicity materials for the club, conducts outreach to local and broader media outlets and develops and implements a publicity schedule for all club events and recruitment efforts. Ensures that all publicity efforts align with the club's mission and goals.

Assistant Projects Director: Assists the Projects Director in managing, leading and recruiting for projects. Helps Projects Director coordinate with project leaders to ensure projects are completed on schedule and within budget. Helps Projects Director write weekly updates for the organizational newsletter and works closely with event coordinators and other committee leads to document and preserve records of Conflux events, socials, projects, and exhibitions, ensuring that all projects run smoothly, efficiently and aligned with the club's mission and goals. Learns the ropes and will become Projects Director in 2024-2025.

Self-Made Role: Propose a role that you believe would be valuable!

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